Posted: Aug 10, 2017 8:10 pm
by lucek
DavidMcC wrote:
lucek wrote:So the book came out and the scale i thought of was a bit big. They just smashed 2 superearths into the poles of a star a scant bit below C. Supernova ensues.

Which book would that be? Sci-fi, no doubt. :roll:

EDIT: There is still the rather big issue of what is going to cause 2 super-earths to smash (simultaneously or otherwise) into the sun at almost the speed of light. :lol:


But yes it's scifi. That said only a few gimmies. As said before reaction-less mass is the one major relavent one(at least in books 1&2) beyond that it's all pretty feasible. in this case yes if it was possible for a psudogravitational field to be created then the only question is time and amount of fusible material found in interstellar space. For that matter the math does work 2 bodies would impart a nontrivial amount of energy on impact with the star. A pressure wave would propagate deceasing the temp required for heavy element fusion. If sufficient material was fused in the short time period then the radiation pressure at the core would drop causing a core collapse and supernova.

Now again Dave this is fiction before you rant at me again for what you perceive as lacking. It was and is an interesting thought experiment.

It is a good read and the only space opera I can think of that speeds are less than C and Tau of multiple individuals in different reference frames is tackled. It also takes a look at alot of other big questions on more plausible ideas.

Basically Dave, shut up.