Posted: Sep 24, 2018 8:46 am
by newolder
truelgbt wrote:...

Point is:
1) Let's say you're a doctor.

I have a Ph.D. in atmospheric physics but rarely use the title Dr., these days.
Is your 'view' on origins going to affect how you treat your patients? No. Not one bit.

Origins of what? I have no patients. The 'origins' and dynamics of weather systems and other fluid flows - like the stuff that came out of the early hot and dense phase of the cosmos - follow similarly chaotic behaviours. Therefore, I would answer, "Yes, quite a lot, actually." to your query after having substituted 'anyone who asks' for 'your patients', of course.
2) Let's say you're an engineer. Is your 'view' on origins going to affect how you design cars? No. Not one bit.
I don't know but some car names, e.g. Ford Galaxy, suggest at least a nod towards 'origins'.
3) Let's say you're a chemist. Is your 'view' on origins going to affect how you make medications or other chemical products? No. Not one bit.

I don't know. Where did the elements for the study of Chemistry originate? I'd guess at least some chemists get asked and answer this question frequently.
The topic of origins is most important for developing one's personal philosophy of life, but as far as pushing various scientific technologies in various fields, then no. This is why what we believe regarding origins is not some prerequisite for working in any of these scientific fields.

That's your opinion and you know what 'they' say about opinions...