Posted: Jan 06, 2019 5:37 pm
by Macdoc
But plasma at difference densities is the point.

Energy density is the amount of energy stored in a given system or region of space per unit volume.

So a super hot and super dense plume of plasma surely has a changing energy density "moment by moment" and given there is constant production of energy/heat with thermonuclear reactions I'd say it varies wildly moment by moment.

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Air pressure is independent of elevation?

Yes - it can be compressed, and air pressure at sea level changes all the time within bounds.

Hot water does not convect?

Yes but pressure doesn't change significantly the way a gas does and it is entirely temperature dependent - very hard to compress further unlike a gas or a plasma.

That a photon takes a long time "on average" to reach core to surface I don't see as relevant but I'm willing to be illuminated :whistle: