Posted: Apr 29, 2019 8:19 pm
by newolder
Svartalf wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
Svartalf wrote:
Thomas Eshuis wrote:
The BB is the origin of our local universe, not the universe as a whole.

I have no proof as of yet about the existence of parallel universes or of a macro universe of which our one would be only a part.

You also have no proof that our local universe is all there is.

As Laplace might say, let"s not introduce variables we don't need in the system.

Interesting lay person read from Ethan Siegel in a recent Forbes mag. article from which that first picture in my earlier post came:
How Can We Still See The Disappearing Universe?

From its presence (dark energy), and the observations we use to infer its existence, we learn the following about a galaxy located:

closer than 15 billion light-years away: we will someday see it as it is today: 13.8 billion years after the Big Bang, and we could reach it if we set out for it at the speed of light.

between 15 and 46 billion light-years distant: we will always see it, but its age will appear to asymptote to a finite value that's smaller than 13.8 billion years, and we can never reach it, even if we left today at the speed of light.

between 46 and 61 billion light-years away: we cannot yet see it today, but will see it someday in the far future and forever thereafter, and it will never appear even as old as the earliest galaxies currently visible today. We can also never reach it.

greater than 61 billion light-years from us: we will never see or reach it, and anyone from there can never see or reach us.


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