Posted: Jan 28, 2020 5:23 am
by Scott Mayers
Since "science" today is about prioritizing observation over logic and the act of observing is dynamic, any discussion regarding cosmological origins cannot be used to infer any literal origin of space and time.

The theories that are based upon the appearance of an origin, such as a singularity where time and/or space is non-existent, is itself logically unsound AND hypocritical to be called 'science' since you require to know time or space exists on the other side of such a singularity. As such, the most you can infer is an apparent singularity in the way you can assert a 'vanishing' point in a two-dimensional drawing as the illusion of convergence. "Existence" begs time and space as axiomatic.

If you believe you have found an indirect 'scientific' rationale to prove this, you have to overthrow the concept of testability. That is, since it cannot be testable by the standards expected of methodology, it cannot be even be logically validated from the axioms used within science itself.