Posted: Jan 28, 2020 6:41 am
by Scott Mayers
Macdoc wrote:Your "theology" just reeks.....go play in the godbotherer forums....
Maybe you and Jamest can get together and figure it all out "logically"
...fucking pathetic the pair of you. :roll:

Theology? I am an athiest. :smug: What does my response relate to theology? :ask:

This IS a site on 'rational skepticism', isn't it? Can you respond to my post or is this about me as a person from prior disagreements and/or interpretations from elsewhere? [ad hominem]

Note that I place quotes around the word, "science", because I'm referring to the meaning of it as understood by practice, not that I am against the concept and validity of it. That is, "science" comes from meaning "to see", and is only in used in contrast to mere "logic", which used to mean "to look" but has evolved to be separated from the act of observing and relegated to the "analysis" of what we see more specifically.