Posted: Jan 28, 2020 8:43 am
by Spearthrower
Scott Mayers wrote:
I agree to Hawking but feel that his own reparations miss the point that the Big Bang itself is more likely wrong. If it is infinite, it reduces to the "Steady State" model on mere logical grounds.

And your equations, proofs, evidence etc?

More likely? Show your working to arrive at such a probabilistic claim.

You 'agree to Hawking' - I'm sure he rests in peace then.

Scott Mayers wrote:[By the way, note that the meeting was at the Vatican. ?? What is that about if not suspect of religious affiliation to the Big Bang?]

By the way Mr Logic, that's logically fallacious: a genetic fallacy coupled with a well poisoning.

Religious people can do science too - the problem is when certain people elevate their ideology above the methodological suppositions, then regardless of whether they're religious or not, they become incapable of doing science.