Posted: Jan 28, 2020 12:48 pm
by Spearthrower
The functional meeting was at the "Pontifical Academy of Sciences" in a place specifically designated as an institute of religion.

So you respond to the problem identified with your genetic fallacy by adding another genetic fallacy; that a scientific institute is location within a religious one.

This was also in response to Mardoc's comment implying that I was religious with your added clear insult of me as being anti-science when you said, "Science clearly works" as though I stand against the who subject.

You are anti-science - you've shown it many times. What you do is play a shell game with science where you pretend that the things you agree with (on poorly explained grounds) are acceptable science, whereas the things you don't agree with (on poorly explained grounds) are wrong - failing to understand that is not how science works. In fact, you have never shown the slightest bit of competence with regards to science at all.

Call it an insult if you like, but that's precisely how you come across. The cap fits.