Posted: Feb 22, 2020 9:08 am
by socratus
Macdoc wrote:Who gives a fuck about your ill informed "opinion" /fantasy are just a prolific internet troll of no value to the community.
...not even as a chew toy. :coffee:

newolder wrote:
socratus wrote:...

In this hot “melt” soup everything is a quark-gluon plasma.
Now try to create a simple electron, proton, atom, . . . cell . . .
simple living brings . . . from this hot “melt” soup during 14 billion years . . .
It will take an infinite time (nobody can limited the time of creation in this scenario)

Sorry, in my opinion CERN / LHC, Big-Bang are only scientific fictions

Thousands of scientists and administrators from dozens of countries work at CERN/LHC.
The production and abundance of Helium, Lithium and Beryllium aka Big Bang nucleosynthesis
was a relatively rapid process. I'll file your opinion over there --->, thanks.

Bye now.

Go to kitchen and make hot “melt” egg-omelette and wait
14 billion years to see how the chicken will evolve.