Posted: Mar 18, 2022 3:31 pm
by newolder
When B mesons decay (B mesons are mesons composed of a bottom antiquark and either an up, down, strange or charm quark) but do not take the charm route, a matter/anti-matter asymmetry (CP violation) is known. In one of the possible channels, the asymmetry is observed to be the largest yet seen (>70%). No one seems to be too excited about this because earlier QCD calculations predicted that this should indeed be the case - the strong (QCD) force is messing with weak SU(2) force interactions at these energies and Evolving's post^ still stands.

Magic beauty charmless decays
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MAR 17, 2022

The largest CP violation ever observed.

Today, at the Rencontres de Moriond EW, and on Tuesday, during a CERN seminar, the LHCb Collaboration reported the results of measurements of CP asymmetry in the charged charmless B meson decays into three light mesons. In these decays the b-quark is transformed into a u, d or s-quark instead of its dominant transition into a charm c-quark (therefore the decays are “charmless”).

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In a specific kinematical region of the B±→π±π+π decay, defined in the seminar and Moriond presentations, the CP asymmetry is as high as 75%, see the image to the left above. This is the largest CP violation ever observed.