Posted: Sep 03, 2010 1:33 pm
by Preno
newolder wrote:
Preno wrote:
newolder wrote:My understanding is that all (mathematical) groups are embedded in E8

I've failed at rigour again. :doh: I meant the Lie groups.
Okay, but how can a 248+ dimensional Lie group be embedded in a 248 dimensional Lie group? wrote:... The first step toward such a goal has been taken in the realization that Calabi-Yau spaces contain holes of various numbers of dimensions which can affect a string's vibrational pattern. This goes a long way toward answering one of particle physics' most intriguing questions: why are there three families of elementary particles? why not one, or four, or any other number? The answer proposed by string theory is as follows...
I see, you were talking about the dimension of the holes, not the manifold.