Posted: Sep 16, 2010 7:16 pm
by newolder
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The experiment: If points are strings then we observe double peaks in the probability density functions of both bosonic and fermionic states of matter-energy.

In units where h =c and equivalently, 8πG = 1,

a) Massless bosons.

Photons, γ, = f.

Fail here and the theory is binned.

b) Massive fermions

Electrons, Me- = f.

as f → ~ 1042 Hertz, any measurable difference between massless and massive vanishes.

The functional is non-linear and should begin to show measurable deviations from 'otherwise expected' values at around 1025 Hz. and higher.

Attosecond, 10-18 s, timing is still a factor 10 million from this realm, I fear. :( :dunno: