Posted: Mar 14, 2010 6:15 pm
by cateye
twistor59 wrote:You and I may scoff at the flagrant disregard for Mr Carnot's physics, but:

from the wikipedia entry

The company's investment history shows several share allotments for cash between August 2000 and October 2005,[12] the investments totalling €3 million.[10] In 2006, Steorn secured €8.1 million in loans from a range of investors in order to continue their research, and these funds were also converted into shares.[13] Steorn said that they would seek no further funding while attempting to prove their free-energy claim in order to demonstrate their genuine desire for validation.[13]

So whether it's perpetual motion, or cold fusion, if it's marketed properly, you can get your hands on some dollars...

Well both of us have been arguing on this kind of forum long enough, to know that getting huge money out of totally ridiculous claims is no news.... unfortunately. I have often pondered the question if I should try to do such a money-making scheme myself, but I guess I simply couldn't tell people bullshit while keeping a straight face and not burst into laughter...