Posted: Dec 16, 2010 7:50 am
by twistor59
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Incidentally, I have asked for this topic to be stickied. It would be a shame to lose such brilliant work. I am reading and re-reading until it sinks in.

I don't think I have the maths yet to really get to grips with it, but hell as you say its worth some serious effort. Kudos guys.

Is LQG more testable than string theory, ie by experiment, if so can anyone explain how?

Guess not, well science is always ready to see new ideas, but unless they pay the bills, then what are they worth? :popcorn: :grin:

Nope, I'm afraid it isn't developed enough to the stage where it makes testable predictions yet. It's barely reached the stage where you can show that it's classical limit is standard GR. So still quite early days (compared to string theory). It's been around for - maybe- 15 years or so with only a handful of people working on it, so not entirely surprising. Some of the cosmological applications of the theory ("loop quantum cosmology") make predictions of non singular initial conditions, and this may have some implications for structure formation (galaxies etc) in the early universe, and CMB statistics, but I don't know the details.