Posted: Dec 26, 2010 3:43 pm
by The Damned
twistor59 wrote:
The Damned wrote:

Would it be useful to say that infinitely eliptical or not ie there is no limit to the amount of bending we can do as long as we specify limtis? Maths is useful here in that respect?

Well, if you take a circle, and bend it fucking hard, you can put four kinks into it and make it a square. But this is perfectly acceptable - the circle and the square have the same topology. Even bending this much is still a "continous deformation". Just don't break it !

The maths only becomes ugly when you try to formulate things totally rigorously and specify everything in all its gory detail.

Squaring the circle sounds like Kabbalah not science but I take your point. Well at least I'm on the right track thanks. :D

In topology linearity is quite important. Hence the Fields medal have you seen the proof for that in computer graphics the Pearlman thing I thought it was beyond brilliant, I wish I could even approach thinking like that!