Posted: Feb 27, 2011 1:01 am
by Xaihe
Since gravity is stronger at the surface of a planet than at the center of a planet, does that also mean spacetime is curved less at the center of the planet, or just that the gravitational effect is canceled? In the same effect, does time go slower or faster at the center of the earth than at the earth's surface? If spacetime is curved less due to this cancellation, what does this tell us about the goings on inside black holes?

In the same spirit, what happens to the shape and position of the event horizons of two black holes as they approach each other? I'd imagine an extending of the event horizons outward and a decrease of the event horizon between the two masses.

My own understanding of GR is too limited to figure this out, nor could I find the answer elsewhere. I suspect I'm employing some kind of naive view of spacetime curvature here.