Posted: Mar 02, 2011 8:59 pm
by twistor59
CdesignProponentsist wrote:I think it may be better to think of it this way. The distortion of spacetime increases as you approach the surface, but as you approach the center of mass the spacetime distortion increases at a lesser and lesser rate. The distortion is still there and at maximum at the center of mass, but never gets any less until you pass it.

The curvature increases as you approach the surface from outside. I'm not sure about the behaviour inside the body, and I'm sure not going to calculate the curvature components for the SIS !

CdesignProponentsist wrote:
So in effect that would mean that the acceleration that you feel (how many Gs) is the rate of change in spacetime distortion and not the overall distortion relative to an outside inertial frame.

Is that correct?

By the acceleration you mean the force ? That's related to the connection coefficients, which are the rates of change of the spacetime metric.