Posted: Jun 23, 2011 8:19 am
by rainbow
epepke wrote:
rainbow wrote:They claim to be building a full scale plant that will be operational this year.

Question is if they are fake, what do they hope to gain by this?


The plant will be built in Greece:
An article from the Greek website energypress Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies, SA is preparing to install a 1 MW power plant which uses the “energy catalyzer” technology invented by Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi.
According to the article, the company has said that this power plant will be used to power a factory in Xanthi, Greece where Defkalion will build up to 300,000 Rossi/Focardi E-cat units per year for the Greek and Balkan markets. The project is projected create 215 permanent jobs at the plant. There are also plans for future expansion for building larger power units.
The article also notes that there are significant deposits of nickel in Greece. The Rossi/Focardi device uses nickel, hydrogen and a secret catalyst to cause a reaction in which, according to those who been involved in testing, nickel is transmuted into copper generating large amounts of energy in the process.
The original article can be found here. ... atalyzers/