Posted: Aug 26, 2011 4:05 pm
by Rumraket
Sovereign wrote:Hey Calilasseia, I did have one person try to use a recent event as proof decay rates change. The person claimed that there is something in the sun we don't know about that changes the decay rates of materials and that whatever it was, affected the Earth in a way to make it look billions of years old(the rates of change were so miniscule that billions would still be billions imo). I'm going off of memory and I lost the link they sent me but what the link showed was that two labs did have a slight change in the decay rates of (I forgot which ones specifically) certain isotopes before a solar event. I don't know if you know about that article, I will try to find it as I meant to post it awhile back but got busy and forgot, but was the article a fake, the lab results a fluke, or do certain isotopes have a very miniscule change in decay rates preceding solar events due to an unknown mechanism?

The study done on the changing decay rates in response to seasonal changes or solar output is highly doubted in the scientific community. One of the reasons is that other studies have shown similar seasonal changes in decay rates, but they managed to track the "source" of the seasonal variations to seasonal changes in the performance of the measuring equipment, not to some external factor actually affecting decay-rates. It would seem a lot more likely that the measuring equipment is subject to seasonal and periodic changes in local atmospheric conditions, than the sun by some hitherto undetected and unknown force of nature can seasonally manipulate the fundamental constants of nature and change decay rates of isotopes locked in lead-chambers over 150 million kilometers away. And in any case, these variations are miniscule.