Posted: Sep 12, 2011 12:29 am
by eric8476
hackenslash wrote:Under the Copenhagen interpretation, the atom exists in both the decayed and un-decayed states simultaneously, and observations collapses the wavefunction, defining the eigenstate of the atom. Thus, in the thought experiment, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time, because the atom is both decayed and un-decayed, and therefore the poison is both released and unreleased at the same time.

hackenslash wrote:It isn't in limbo, it's actually both alive and dead. In any event, I've covered this above. It's a thought experiment, and really only analogises the principle of quantum superposition. The decaying atom most definitely can exist in a state of superposition, and this has been experimentally verified. Indeed, the computer you are posting from employs a variation of superposition, in the form of quantum tunnelling, for its operation.

if the decaying matter can be both decayed and undecayed then schrodinger disproves quantum mechanics. his linear approach is not consistant with measuring waves, am i right?

isn't it how to measure wavefunction that collapses the wavefunction, not obsevations?

the geiger measuring instrument for detecting decay would detect the matter's decayed position in time if the decaying matter is both decayed and not decayed, that would render that cat dead.

if we can observe without collapsing the wavefunction then we would not have any problems. we don't have the technology to observe these things. if we do have the technology then the copenhagen interpretation would be obsolite.