Posted: Sep 12, 2011 5:22 am
by hackenslash
eric8476 wrote:if the decaying matter can be both decayed and undecayed then schrodinger disproves quantum mechanics.

Really? You might want to have a word with your computer about that.

his linear approach is not consistant with measuring waves, am i right?

No. Indeed the function we use for these waves is the Schrödinger equation, also known as the Schrödinger wave equation.

isn't it how to measure wavefunction that collapses the wavefunction, not obsevations?

Huh? That doesn't parse correctly in English. If it's what I think you're trying to say, then no. It's observation that collapses the wavefunction, but you have to be careful how you define 'observe' and 'observer', because those terms don't necessarily mean what you think they mean.

the geiger measuring instrument for detecting decay would detect the matter's decayed position in time if the decaying matter is both decayed and not decayed, that would render that cat dead.

Indeed. That would constitute an observation of the system, thereby collapsing the wavefunction.

if we can observe without collapsing the wavefunction then we would not have any problems.

Well, observation is collapse of the wavefunction, and we don't actually have a problem.

we don't have the technology to observe these things. if we do have the technology then the copenhagen interpretation would be obsolite.

No, because this is nothing to do with technology. We can't possess the technology to observe without collapsing the wavefunction, because observation and collapse are one and the same. There exists no such technology.