Posted: Sep 15, 2011 8:32 pm
by cavarka9
zaybu wrote:
cavarka9 wrote:havent read qft by anyone yet :dopey: .But do have the book of weinberg, ebook that is. :)

My question is, since e and e+ do indeed annihilate to produce a photon, and we know that e and positron are made of quarks. shouldnt we expect photon to have an internal structure?.

Electrons are thought to be elementary, so far anyway. You may be thinking of protons, which are made up of three quarks.

But an electron and a positron can annihilate into a photon, which in turn could give rise to other particles if the energy is sufficiently large.


oops, you are right, electrons are leptons. I never liked particle physics.
So, I will change that to proton and anti-proton :grin: .

In any case, the question is shouldnt a photon have a structure?. or a structure of interaction.