Posted: Feb 28, 2010 5:28 pm
by William.Young
Yes, there was work being done. I installed Increase and had to scrape what was being worked on before. Increase couldn't open the queue.dat owned by NFold. I think there was a way around that, but since there was only 3% done, it was easier just to dump everything and start fresh.

I now have project number 3046, "p3046_human_hpin1_m1_99p" instead of 'system', whatever that was. :grin:

NFold gave me two different sources for work: Folding@home and Genome@home, if I remember correctly. But since I have only the Fah5 CLI installed I don't think I was downloading any work from Gah.

Edit: I still do folding on my PS3, which is at least 12 hours a day. So I thought I'd give my PPC another stab at it and since it plays so well with most everything else I run, I let it just run in the background. The only time it got in the way before was when I was running something as CPU demanding as Photoshop.

I know that the PPC work is being phased out, but so far, in the past 10 days or so, I have been able to get three, including the one I am doing now. So as long as there is work for the PPC I'm going to let it run.