Posted: May 19, 2012 10:14 pm
by lpetrich
Thanx so much for going into all that detail. Nice to learn about how vi and emacs had originated.

I checked and OSX Snow Leopard has ed, ex, vi, vim, emacs, pico, and nano installed. All of these are in /usr/bin unless stated otherwise.
/bin/ed: 115K
ex, vi alias to vim: 2.7M
pico aliases to nano: 317K
emacs is several files:
emacs: 25M, emacs-i386: 12M, emacs-undumped: 7.4M, emacsclient: 103K, /usr/share/emacs total (found with du): 29M

So emacs's reputation for bulk is well-deserved, it seems.

For comparison to full-scale-GUI text editors, I tried OSX TextEdit.
/Applications/ (executable + data files) total size: 576K
/Applications/ (executable) size: 280K