Posted: Mar 31, 2015 3:14 pm
by Mike_L
On the horizon (and below it)... military-use aquatic drones...

US Navy eyes robotic sub-hunters

The robotic revolution that transformed warfare in the skies will soon extend to the deep sea, with underwater spy "satellites", drone-launching pods on the ocean floor and unmanned ships hunting submarines.

Officials at the US military's research agency outlined new programmes this week that include a number of potentially groundbreaking technologies that could alter the way naval battles are fought, in the same way that robotic aircraft have altered warfare on land and in the air.

One proposed system envisages robot pods on the ocean floor that would be activated when needed.

Another maritime programme at Darpa is moving closer to reality, potentially revolutionising submarine warfare. The project would deploy unmanned vessels on the ocean's surface to track enemy submarines, a "ghost ship" that could free up naval warships for other tasks.

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