Posted: Mar 01, 2017 2:58 pm
by HopDavid
VazScep wrote:On his tweets, I do wish he'd go back to nitpicking sci-fi films. I love that.

I wish he'd fact check his own trailer for The Martian. He has Hermes departing from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and arriving in Mars orbit 124 days later. The problem is ion propelled craft really suck at climbing in and out of planetary gravity wells. Hermes does 2 mm/s^2 acceleration. It would take more than 40 days to spiral out of earth's gravity well from LEO. That alone completely wrecks Andy Weir's 124 day trajectory. And then Hermes would take another two weeks to spiral down to Low Mars Orbit (LMO).

Moreover, most the slow spiral out of earth's gravity well would be through the Van Allen belts. This route would cook the astronauts.

Neil read this and responded with comments on my Fact Checking Neil deGrasse Tyson blog post. His defense? He didn't write the script for that trailer. Still, you think he would've blown the whistle on the bad science seeing that he was the star of that clip.

And even though he knows about it, he hasn't lifted a finger to correct the misinformation in that trailer. He hounded Cameron incessantly until the night skies in Titanic were corrected. Tyson should attempt to get the word out the LEO is a horrible place to harbour an interplanetary ion propelled craft. EML2 is a much better location for this sort of vehicle.