Posted: Oct 17, 2017 8:49 am
by Agrippina
I don't understand what the motivation is to walk into a discussion only to make disparaging remarks about the subject of the discussion. For instance, I've never been to the Netherlands. My only experience of people from that country has been having read the letters my grandmother wrote to my mother in Dutch, and finding the language understandable because of learning Afrikaans at school. The other experience I've had was my nephew and his family living there for a few months, and their reporting of how much they enjoyed actually living there after having visited a few times. Other than that, my kids have visited and reported that they didn't think it was the most beautiful place on earth, or that they were inclined to go there to settle, in other words: meh! So if I said I think the Netherlands is a crappy country, and I wouldn't even contemplate going to live there, on a website devoted to all things Dutch, and while members were having fun discussing their lives and experiences in the country, I'd be doing what some people do when we talk about our Macs. I don't do that because I've never been there, so I don't have enough experience of the place to make judgments.

Returning to Macs. I've been using them for 32 years now. The machine I used in 1985 is now held in a museum at the university in Jo'burg, and it still works, perfectly. It's a pain in the arse with the disk swapping, but it does still work. Personally the only machine that ever failed me, was my last one, the one I bought in Scotland in 2009, and it only stopped working because my granddaughter was playing around it, and dropped it on the floor. I suppose if I'd been able to get it to my kids, they'd have been able to revive at least the hard drive, but the insurance company insisted they had to take it if they were to replace it, which they did, with the one I'm using now. Luckily I've been meticulous with backing up on a regular basis, so my entire hard drive was saved in a backup, and all I had to do was to connect that and tell this one to restore the back up to this machine, and within a couple of hours I was up and running.

I keep the hard drives with the backups in another room, in another cupboard in case this machine is stolen, but I also apply as much password protection as it allows for it not to be accessible. So much so that none of the technicians the insurance company employed to access the machine when I sent it for assessment were able to get into my data. I had it on my "find my Mac" list for a while, but then I told Apple to disable it if ever it was accessed. Two years now and all the data protection has been changed, so even if someone ever is able to get it to work, it would be useless.