Posted: Oct 19, 2017 1:15 pm
by theropod
Macdoc wrote:So go back to your backup.
iOS 11 is very early in the game and too much new.

Oh if that were only possible, but it isn’t. Once iOS 11.0.3 is installed on an iPhone there is no going back to an earlier iOS no matter how many, or how recent, the backup(s). Also about half my apps are no longer compatible. Many of my contacts were lost. ALL of my bookmarks in Firefox were lost. All of my passwords were lost. Field test mode no longer works, and we are back to signal bars, which for those of us depending on a signal booster to just get a signal is a major downgrade. I guess I don’t need to know if my booster, or AT&T service, is functioning, or how well.

Stayed up until after midnight chatting with Alple help, which was another study in frustration. It took over two hours just to get a straight answer as to whether this loss of functionality was a flaw with the update process, or a design feature. They even denied ever hearing of this issue until I pasted the url of a Mac Rumors thread where a lot of pissed off users had posted about it. I burned through 93% of my data plan downloading the first update, two older IPSW files that will not install and a complete new download which started my phone as if new.

It would be different if the documentation associated with this “update” mentioned the landscape keyboard fiasco, but I saw no such warning. As far as I am concerned this is a theft of functionality. I am filing a complaint with both the FCC and the FTC.