Posted: Oct 19, 2017 4:05 pm
by theropod
Macdoc wrote:
Oh if that were only possible, but it isn’t. Once iOS 11.0.3 is installed on an iPhone there is no going back to an earlier iOS no matter how many, or how recent, the backup(s). Also about half my apps are no longer compatible. Many of my contacts were lost. ALL of my bookmarks in Firefox were lost. All of my passwords were lost. Field test mode no longer works, and we are back to signal bars, which for those of us depending on a signal booster to just get a signal is a major downgrade. I guess I don’t need to know if my booster, or AT&T service, is functioning, or how well.

If you put your phone back to factory of course you can restore from your back up. If you are using Apple for support no wonder you are having issues...those guys know nothing and hired exactly with that background. I'm not the iPhone expert here but staff are.

Here are the various files ... e-0178028/ ... 11-beta-1/

What was I thinking by using Apple to assist with an Apple issue.

None of this works now. Apple has disabled/unsigned whatever they do so that those old iOS versions can be used. I found and tried all of those methods. They no longer work. Following the video my phone will not go into recovery mode as described. Restarting the phone when holding down the home button gives me one option and that is to connect to the Apple servers. Yes, I have then later version of iTunes. When I click cancel for that option to connect to Apple the phone does nothing and iTunes never mounts the phone. All the info in the links above is out of date. Tried this shit for hours last night. It just doesn't work.

Y'all keep talking about restoring from a backup but this is no longer an option. If you don't believe me try it yourself. Update to 11.0.3 and try to go back to 10.3.3. I don't think it is possible. Show me I am wrong.