Posted: Oct 20, 2017 4:16 pm
by theropod
felltoearth wrote:Theropod, there are websites hosting to 10.3.3 firmware. Have you checked them out? ... -ipad.html

Not sure how the lack of a signature will affect this. It's beyond my ken.

It does not matter. Unless Apple "signs" those updates iTunes will not allow an install. I have downloaded the IPSW file specific to my phone, and it is not possible for a return to the previois iOS because Apple has removed the ability. This amounts to theft of function of my phone and I have filed a complaint with the federal trade commission. Apple, screwed all plus phone owners intentionally. Apple help didn't even know this feature was removed, and thought I was crazy until I finally spoke with a senior advisor. That advisor eventually admitted I am screwed. I am done with a company that would do such a thing. Defend this. I fucking dare anyone to try. Basically this has made my phone obsolete and so much harder to use I dread having to type anything. Fuck Apple.


ETA: Apple also took away the field test mode which allows users to see actual signal strength in DB. No big deal if you live under a cell tower, but for those of us that have to use a signal booster to just get a signal this is a major issue. I used that numerical display to diagnose service and booster issues. Another theft of service.