Posted: Jun 07, 2010 12:19 pm
by MedGen
Mr.Samsa wrote:
MedGen wrote:My initial thoughts are that several articles could be proposed and then pick one by vote or something, then as DarkChilde suggests discuss them in the relevant forum.

:nod: This sounds good to me.

How is everybody going to get access to the articles though? Do we make it that the articles picked have to be freely accessible or what?.. :think:

If it's pay-per-view then some people may be able to get access and then send it on to the other members. It's worth checking that an article is available before it proposed just so everyone can get hold of it. That way those of use with access to big journals like Science and Nature can send them on to others who don't have access (I've got athens access to some at the moment, but I'll have more in October when I start my PhD).