Posted: Jan 06, 2018 2:30 am
by DKeane
kiore wrote:
DKeane wrote:
DKeane wrote:FYI - System at work will be replaced soon with a I7-8700 and either a 1060 or 1070 (not sure yet). Should fix my CPU issues and boost my point production considerably.

New computer is up and running:
Processor is the I7-8700 (non-K)
GPU is 1070 TI

Running folding on the processor is LOUD due to air cooling, even on low. I don't expect many points from the processor anyways, may try it over the weekend while I'm not in the office.

Noticed that one logical CPU is maxed out with the GPU folding. GPU might run a bit better if I can turn off hyper threading, giving it a bit more headroom. But I cannot for the life of me find where to turn off hyper threading in the BIOS. Kind of odd.

Don't turn off HT, set the CPU to 2 cores less than you have, it will reduce the GPU output a bit but gives more output. Other wise just GPU fold, the GTX 1070ti should push 500kppd pretty easily.

Tried CPU folding again today, and it just is way to loud, even when reducing the number of CPUs . Got an Alienware maching and it seems like it should have been liquid cooled even without the K processor.

Going strictly GPU folding, which means I can experiment a bit with hyper threading to see if the CPU setup might be limiting the GPU output. Not sure if it will make a difference.

Thanks for the input.