Posted: Feb 02, 2018 4:25 am
by kiore
So the alt-coin frenzy has caused ridiculous prices and shortages of GPUs just when I was about to buy myself a GTX1080ti as a xmas present. Crazy prices, I see 1 year old models selling for more than the new price, and the EVGA 1080ti hybrid I wanted went from under $800 to $1800 in a few weeks. Managed to get one anyway at normal price from manufacturer by clicking fast on buy after a number of attempts and it arrived last weekend and is humming away.
The GTX 1080ti really has amazing capacity, most projects do not stretch it at all and although the ppd pretty good it seems somewhat underutilized at present. I see people complaining about how it performs of small atom count projects, OK I am sure that 930kppd is not what it capable of my still this is pretty astounding processing and gets much more on Linux.