Posted: May 29, 2018 1:45 pm
by SevenZarkSeven
The_Metatron wrote:A strange sequence of events led to this.

When I started my business, I reused a retired iPhone 4 for my business phone. That works just fine as a phone, but little else. For navigation, dash camera, and the Square app (won’t run on the old iPhone 4), I was using my personal iPhone 6, which I carry as well as my business phone.

The battery in my iPhone 6 is failing. So, I need that battery replaced. But, I can’t do without the Square app while the phone is away being repaired.

I figured that I got good service from my old iPhone 4. But, it just won’t do what I need from it, so time to replace it. I need to separate the problem with my personal phone from my business.

So, a shiny new iPhone SE, black (space grey, whatever), 32GB memory, is on the way for $350.

I’m deeply interested in it’s value, which I’ll judge by it’s price and performance, weighed against what I need it to do for my business: email, sms, telephony, point of sale, work photography (in and out inspections, work in progress, etc), and navigation.

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I just upgraded to iPhone eight from the SE. SE battery life isn't great, particularly when I use the Square reader. The camera on the eight is a quantum leap in terms of quality. The SE is nowhere near it.