Posted: Oct 06, 2018 1:22 am
by kiore
While talking about output we have a new super folder, the first team member to consistently make 2 million PPD.
Amazing output PlayLoud, really impressive. ... =&u=668130
Unsure if the person folding under this name can see this but would really be interested to read what they are running, a new RTX card??? You have snatched my spot as top folder on the team, but I am not at all unhappy to lose that position under the circumstances.
Speaking of the new RTX cards I am seeing some incredible numbers from this new generation of video cards, although they are power hungry and will probably be superseded within 12 months by newer versions of this generation, this new generation seem to be a significant step forward in capability. Having said that I am seeing some truly ridiculous prices quoted to buy the RTX 2080ti, over $2200 USD for a card that launched at the already high price of $1000, much like the price gouging generated by the coin frenzy last year. I plan to upgrade when the frenzy settles, if it settles. :roll:
The coin frenzy seems to be over and I bought a nice little ex coin rig: board/cpu/ram minus the GPUs for a 13year old family friend and budding builder for next to nothing, suspect plenty of basic hardware coming available as people shut down their coin makers. When he puts it together with the retired GTX 980ti I had will see if I can infect him with the folding bug. :naughty2: