Posted: Apr 09, 2019 12:22 am
by The_Metatron
Macdoc wrote:Fortunate that your machine is not 2011 which was plagued with GPU failures. 2009/10 have been okay but likely soon on the OS chopping block.

They can be used as independent screens from a laptop tho ...useful feature.

Thanks, that may prove a useful reason to suffer one to exist a bit beyond its service life.

No joy with the iMac. The problem returned. It still shares its usb connected printer, so the OS seems up and running processes. Sure looks like video vailure to me. But, I haven’t eliminated the ram modules as a source of the problem.

I have no means to test my memory modules, except to replace them with the originals. I’ll have to look up the permissible patterns to populate the slots, it may be possible to half-split the questionable memory array and find any bad modules. Or maybe a bad slot.

I hate cycling memory slots. Handling the damned things can inject problems. It’s a pain in the ass.