Posted: Apr 10, 2019 3:06 pm
by The_Metatron
Remember my old iPhone 4? I recycled it for my business phone a year ago, but replaced it with an iPhone SE, to be able to run the Square payment card processing app. Well, sometime last year, I dropped that new iPhone and cracked the face. I stabilized the screen with clear packing tape and carried on using it. But, I have to get that screen replaced. It’s my business phone, so I really don’t want to shut my number down while my phone is being repaired.

The IPhone SE sim slot holds a micro-sim. The iPhone 4 held a standard sized sim. I had cut that sim down to fit into the SE. The problem I had was to use that same sim in the old phone, although the sim was now too small.

Working under a stereo microscope, I cut a spacer from a piece of a plastic card. The first trick was to cut the spacer to fit precisely into the standard sim carrier. The next step was to cut a hole in my newly made spacer to hold that micro-sim in precisely the right position. Working with a scalpel and sharp scissors, I succeeded.

I wish I took a photo of it to show off. The micro-sim and the spacer I made fit perfectly into the iPhone 4’s sim carrier! My phone works! And, as I expected, the carrier did not remove my old iPhone’s MAC address from their network. I still have mobile data with it!

Apple taketh away, and Apple giveth. My iMac is still screwed up.