Posted: May 12, 2019 3:25 am
by tuco
I'm With Stupid wrote:
aban57 wrote:This won't prevent it from ending up in the oceans.

Or going to be "recycled" in Asia, which is roughly the same thing. I wonder how quickly the problem would be solved if it was made illegal to send your waste to another country.

Governments agree landmark decisions to protect people and planet from hazardous chemicals and waste, including plastic waste

Pollution from plastic waste, acknowledged as a major environmental problem of global concern, has reached epidemic proportions with an estimated 100 million tonnes of plastic now found in the oceans, 80-90% of which comes from land-based sources1. Governments this week amended the Basel Convention to include plastic waste in a legally-binding framework which will make global trade in plastic waste more transparent and better regulated, whilst also ensuring that its management is safer for human health and the environment. At the same time, a new Partnership on Plastic Waste was established to mobilise business, government, academic and civil society resources, interests and expertise to assist in implementing the new measures, to provide a set of practical supports – including tools, best practices, technical and financial assistance - for this ground-breaking agreement.


Here the devil is in the details, I was not able to find yet. I guess, there is just agreement or commitment to willingness to do something about it?