Posted: Aug 03, 2019 12:54 pm
by Spearthrower
aufbahrung wrote:
Perhaps the way science is progressing right now,...

Is it meant to progress some other way? If science is discovering how nature works, then 'progress' means discovering more of how it works, not some other way of working.

aufbahrung wrote:... whilst not being nazi science,

There's no 'nazi science'.

aufbahrung wrote:... is actually contributing to various woes from stress induced suicide all the way up to climate change...

Ever since humanity first picked up a rock, that rock could've been used to break bones to more readily extract marrow, or to smash someone's skull in. Blaming tools for the way we use them seem like muddled thinking to me.

aufbahrung wrote: (with so many scientists & engineers working or being trained to work for the petro-chemical industry..)

Because of the demand from society for petrochemical products.

aufbahrung wrote:Discussing if and why it has gone wrong, gone wrong if not by definition then by current direction and impact on human good might be a discussion of value?

To whom?

It's a bit hard to imagine how much value's going to occur when the someone proposing the discussion smuggles in all manner of muddled thinking from the outset.

If you want to talk about the usage of knowledge and its impact on society, then science isn't where you should be pointing your confused ire: that would be politics and society.