Posted: Aug 03, 2019 3:52 pm
by Keep It Real
aufbahrung wrote:
Perhaps the way science is progressing right now, whilst not being nazi science, is actually contributing to various woes from stress induced suicide all the way up to climate change (with so many scientists & engineers working or being trained to work for the petro-chemical industry..)...

The misappropriation of science in the quest for material greed is a function of economics and psychology, and whilst both topics are science (IMO), the folly of seeking endless economic growth in a dispiriting rat race and lusting after gold plated private jets would be examples of problems which those sciences should be used to address, so far from science being the problem RE climate change/depression etc it is in fact our best and frankly only hope of solving those problems, along with other sciences homing in on the problems. Basically, you really couldn't have it more arse backwards.

How are the cinema curtains coming along? I had bad dreams about those creases again last night :cry: