Posted: Aug 04, 2019 5:06 am
by aufbahrung
Spearthrower wrote:
aufbahrung wrote:Never suggested it was not a scientific issue that should be examined without scientific principles.

Yes, that's exactly the problem: it's not a scientific issue any more than the prevalence of hammer usage in homicides. It's a political one, it's a societal one.

Yes and no, it is the aspects that are within the remit of the rationalist-secular science community I'm badly highlighting, of a much larger issue involving a system fueled by stress hormones, a quest for growth/profit etc at any cost....

And the science community is the ideal place to examine, research and experiment these various socio-economi-politi issues since you'd get the sort of co-operation from the mice in the petridish you would find hard to find in other niches of culture.