Posted: Aug 04, 2019 6:12 am
by Spearthrower
aufbahrung wrote:
Yes and no, it is the aspects that are within the remit of the rationalist-secular science community I'm badly highlighting,...

Can you even establish that such a thing exists or that it is representative of the scientific enterprise? What about the majority of scientists who are religious? Doesn't this pertain to them?

aufbahrung wrote:... of a much larger issue involving a system fueled by stress hormones, a quest for growth/profit etc at any cost....

Growth at any cost = economics and politics, not science
Profit at any cost = business, not science

Of course, science can be a political or an economic policy, but so can the arts, so can education, so can all manner of things, but that doesn't make them politics or economics.

You're misidentifying science's role, which is really just methodological knowledge acquisition. Science doesn't exist in a vacuum; it exists in a society, and just like the hammer, it's up to people and politicians to choose how to use it.

As for stress - how is this meant to be unique or even particularly prevalent in science?

You're trying to smuggle in so many different components, but none of them have been established as valid, or even appear to make sense.

aufbahrung wrote:And the science community is the ideal place to examine, research and experiment these various socio-economi-politi issues since you'd get the sort of co-operation from the mice in the petridish you would find hard to find in other niches of culture.

The science community is a bit busy doing actual science to also want to be studying economics and politics. I'd suggest that the ideal place to examine social, economic and political issues is through examining society, economics, and politics.