Posted: Feb 14, 2020 2:46 pm
by laklak
GrahamH wrote:
laklak wrote:the smallest units will do 10 gallons an hour..

Here's a 25-30 l/h unit ... HAQAvD_BwE

And you can get smaller hand-operated devices, 20l/day ... urvivor-06

That's a good price on the electric model, under $5000 US. I've seen reviews of the hand models, they're OK for a survival situation but wouldn't work well on a daily basis. They also make propeller driven ones that you tow behind the boat but they don't appear to work very well from what I've read. If we ever put a hard top on the flybridge I'll cover it with solar panels and charge the batteries from there, but that's more wish list stuff. One small Lotto win, that's all I need...

On big boats they drive the pumps directly off the engines, but that's a major refit.