Posted: Feb 14, 2020 3:49 pm
by GrahamH
Macdoc wrote:Somehow they are recapturing the heat extracted from a phase change and yet still using the condensing in a small form factor.


I'd guess it is multiple layers of this ...and perhaps the aerogel has a role

I think the aerogel is insulation to keep heat in the thermal storage material. They mention keeping the heat engine running from stored heat after dark, which makes sense in itself.

What I don't get is that if you insulate the condenser to keep the heat in then it will get hot and stop working as a condenser.

Likewise, if you thermally connect the condenser to the evaporator of a next stage you have a condenser and an evaporator at similar temperatures which can't be good. You need the hot bit hot and the cold bit cold, and condensation keeps moving heat from hot to cold so you have to keep putting heat into the hot bit and getting rid of from the cold bit or the system drifts toward thermal equilibrium and stops working.