Posted: Sep 29, 2020 5:26 pm
by kiore
kiore wrote:Note if you have an NVIDIA card and the CUDA is not being detected or not working:
1) Use GPU-z to check CUDA ticked.
2) If you have a CUDA dev kit installed try removing that and run default.

It seems CUDA toolkit is giving problems, if this the case delete if you don't need it.
A core revision is needed (and underway) to fix some of the issues people are reporting 'in the wild' so that CUDA can activate.
Expect significant PPD increases when this activated plus a bit of temperature increase, if you are overclocking I would bring the card back to stock to see how the new core runs, previous stable OCs may not like this boost.
I have seen quite a lot of various between the different cards and work units and the article I linked (above) show different cards responses to this in different units. I am seeing a range of 20-40% increase in PPD at present when this activated and have had to power limit cards that were already running hot. More heat means more science. :thumbup: