Posted: Oct 01, 2020 2:51 pm
by halucigenia
Sorry about the loss of production from me recently, my remaining GeForce GTX 970 seems to be on the blink.
It stopped folding after a glitch that required a reboot and I just can't seem to get it folding again.
Excuse for an upgrade?
I was wondering about 2nd hand RTX 20XXs and the price coming down because of people upgrading to 30XXs to fill a gap until 30XXs become the best option?
I need to overhaul that rig anyway as though I have been happy running Chakra linux on it for the past few years this distro seems to be dying as I am no longer getting regular updates anymore.

I have been wondering about the RTX 2060 KO and how it does with folding as it has a 2080 die in it...