Posted: Oct 02, 2020 2:04 am
by kiore
@ halucigenia No need to apologize, you a long term project contributor with lots of science completed. BTW I enjoy the geology pics you post elsewhere too.
Agree with SAK917 the RTX 2060KO is a sweet spot for price range, has a great reputation for performance/price and hopefully as people sell off recent perfectly good hardware for the new next best thing they will drop in price even more. Maybe even 2nd hand 'as new' or refurbished bargains can be found. The GTX 1660ti I bought this year was in this category as perfectly good recent hardware but not cutting edge, currently out performs my RTX2080ti on purchase cost per PPD by a significant margin.
I expect the 2060KO under CUDA to do even better than SAK917 suggests on some units as the optimization and allocation of work related to expected card performance to improve, the CUDA thing was a first step, a big first step but not all there is to come in my opinion.