Posted: Oct 13, 2020 9:01 pm
by kiore
SAK917 wrote:Interestingly it looks like AJM has 10 active clients to produce that output... I wonder what they are running?

I have definitely seen increased output with the new CUDA optimized version. It also looks like we have a new member named Kahhihou that is about to overtake me on production and is steadily cranking out over 5.5M PPD.

What are you running now kiore? Looks like you increased your output significantly as well?

Yes AJM seems to have stuff! Loads of stuff.
Kahhihou also rocking with some serious hardware too it seems.
I am still with 3x gpu's RTX 2080ti (power limited) GTX 1080ti hybrid and GTX 1660ti, have a i7 7000 series on 6 cores running the two GTX's and a Ryzen 3700 on 8 running the RTX. Over the northern summer I had them not at full production due to heat and also have a 13year old using the i7 for gaming (a bit too much). I had been just about to hit a 7mppd average a week or so ago but had a power failure followed by a week of lower performing beta units so just missed breaking that barrier, but really is the CUDA update that has pushed me to 6+ mppd.