Posted: Oct 19, 2020 4:01 pm
by kiore
SAK917 wrote:No, I finish the WUs in-progress prior to playing and pause folding while I play... ergo the hit on my PPD. I haven't played a game in years but bought MSFS out of curiosity to see how "real" the environment actually was (my degrees are in geography and computer science). I am very impressed, to the point that I have been playing it repeatedly over the past few weeks.

Understand, the CPU folding shouldn't be affected as the CPU can do priorities, but GPU's are not so 'smart' or rather the manufacturers and driver writers have never considered that the GPU would act independently like this.
My 1660ti had been playing up and I thought it was dying prematurely, but turns out that someone had been 'adjusting' it and the power cable was not seated properly, I removed the plug and reseated it and away it went again.