Posted: Oct 24, 2020 6:08 pm
by halucigenia
My remaining GeForce GTX 970 is folding again. I removed Chakra linux and installed Kubuntu 20.10. It must have just been outdated drivers since Chakra linux was no longer getting regular updates anymore.
I have not seen any RTX 2060 KO going cheap on eBay, but Amazon UK sometimes has them sub £280 which are tempting me.
Watercooled RTX 2080s on eBay are tempting too but still too pricey for me.

I really have to refurbish the now Kubuntu rig with the 970 and strip it down and clean it out, but what I do with it will depend on what tempts me most in the RTX 20XX range. Re-configuring the water loop for a RTX 20XX and the keeping the 970 water cooled will be the next project.

FAHClient seems to be impossible to stop and restart at the moment on both of my rigs. FAHControl won't install as it requires older packages than are installed on newer Ubuntu versions. Also I can't reliably restart the service with "sudo systemctl stop/start/restart FAHClient" anymore for some reason, a real pain when configuring FAH.
At least I am folding on both Kubuntu rigs now though.